10 Amazon Finds To Level Up Your Reselling Biz

Starting to take your reselling business serious? Here’s 10 Amazon finds you can purchase to help level up. I’ve used all of these things in my reselling business and think they could be helpful for you too!

*This post contains affiliate links, which means I may earn a commission if you make a purchase through these links.

ToteScan QR Code Organization Labels – Are you losing track of where your inventory is? Don’t have money for a huge program? Try these QR code labels that are super cheap and come with an app you can use to track your inventory. The app isn’t perfect but it gets the job done. I have my inventory organized by each storage tower and shelf. You can also export an inventory report. They come in different size and color labels as well.

Barcode Scanner – Please get yourself a barcode scanner and save some time! Useful for the warehouse, for organizing etc. You can connect multiple as well. This one can be used wireless with the receiver or wired. This only supports 1D scanning.

Limited Quantity Hazmat Labels – Are you shipping hazardous materials? Things like paint, spray paint, other flammable goods – they need to be identified on the box. This roll of stickers will help you identify HAZMAT shipments that you need to declare. You can print these yourself but this 500pc roll came in handy and they are pretty large at 4.25in. I added it to this list because lots of new sellers stray away from Hazmat and you’re not allowed to sell in that category on Amazon right away. You can freely on other platforms.

Retractable Boxcutters -You’re ordering inventory, breaking down boxes, and you need to stop using your keys and kitchen knives. Grab a box of these retractable box cutters and get the job done.

Heat Gun – Sometimes those hard to peel labels require some heat to get them to peel off with ease. You can use a heat gun. Be sure that its not set too high so you don’t melt products or harm yourself. I used mine on a plastic bottle and of course it melted the label and a bit of the bottle. Don’t be like me.

Large Collapsible Wagon – I actually ordered this giant wagon by accident but I love it so much. Take large boxes or a bunch of small boxes out with this large, very sturdy multi-purpose cart. It folds up and has a nice carry bag making it easy to store when you’re finished. I’ve dragged a good amount of weight in this cart and it still moves with ease.

5 Tier Durable Storage Shelving Unit – This 5 tier storage unit is sturdy, easy to assemble and ready to store all of your inventory. I have several 5 tier shelving units in my office I use with storage bins. It also comes with wall brackets for additional support. They are easy to setup – hold 200lbs each shelf and measure 72.3”H x 40”W x 24”D. Put these in your office or garage – they are suited for both.

4FT Folding Table – I have a small space so I have a folding table I purchased to help me when I have to pack FBA shipments. You can fold it back up and store it if you don’t always have to have it out. I also love that you can adjust the height, and there is a handle on the side so you can easily carry it. I use the 4ft but they have other sizes as well.

Logitech M720 Triathlon Wireless Mouse – I’ve had this mouse for years and I also bought one for each of my work stations (3). They can connect to 3 different devices that you can toggle with the buttons on the mouse.

Brother Compact Document Scanner – If you’re starting to hoard receipts for inventory – make sure you’re scanning them to keep on file. This is a simple scanner that I use to save all of my receipts. It has an easy software to use. I scan and sort all of my receipts by month and save each one as the storename-mmddyyyy. Be sure to have a organization process in mind that works for you when you need to pull up receipts quick.

If you’re new to reselling and you need a list of some things to get started with, you can take a look at our list of 12 Amazon Finds for New Resellers here!


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