12 Amazon Finds For New Resellers

Just getting into the reselling game? Here’s a few things you can order on Amazon right now to get you set up. These are items I use for my reselling business and they will definitely help you in yours!

*This post contains affiliate links, which means I may earn a commission if you make a purchase through these links.

Packing Tape Dispenser– You need something to tape up all of those orders you’re getting. Make life easier by getting a sturdy dispenser.
6 XL Rolls of Tape – Go ahead and order yourself a 6 pack of these XL rolls so you have some for backup.

Shipping Boxes – Of course you’ll need some boxes to pack and ship your items. Although for some platforms it may be okay to reuse a box, I still prefer to ship packages in unmarked boxes. Depending on what you ship you may have to buy a few sizes. I use a ton of 10x7x5. If you’re shipping on Poshmark – use the FREE USPS shipping boxes.

Poly Mailers – If you’re shipping lightweight items like clothes, makeup, small accessories you can use poly mailers to avoid using a box. Plain ones are always safe.

Combo Pack of Polybags with Suffocation Warning – Get used to buying polybags with the suffocation warnings on them – especially if you’re an Amazon seller. It is a requirement for that platform but I use them for all as good practice. This is a variety pack and of course will vary based on the sizes of the items you’re shipping.

Scotty Peelers – Label Removers – If you’re into retail arbitrage (buying items from retail stores) you may still have some store stickers / labels on your packaging. These peelers do the job and save your fingernails. Just use these instead.

Kenco Bottle Sealers – These are essential if you’re shipping liquids. I put them over all bottle tops before I load them into polybags to ensure that they do not leak. Depending on the sizes of the bottles you may have to buy the other sizes. This is the size I use the most of.

Rollo USB Thermal Label Printer – My thermal printer is one of my favorite office items. This makes label printing a breeze. I use the older plugged in version – but if you have more of a budget you can upgrade to their wireless model. I have two of these, though.
4×6 Thermal Shipping Labels– You can start with a pack of these 4×6 thermal labels for your Rollo. Choose if you want them in a roll or in a fanfold stack.

64QT Latching Storage Bins – These are one of my go-to bins for storage. Depending on the items you sell this may or may not work for you. They’re affordable and sturdy. I also love how they snap closed on both sides. There’s a 66qt version I also like but it is often out of stock. This comes in a 6 pack.

Kraft Paper Filling – I don’t really buy bubble wrap. I DO use kraft paper for my filling, though. You can opt for bubble rolls, peanuts but this is my GO TO for additional padding in boxes and it’s affordable.

Digital Postal Scale– You’re going to need to know the weight of items to generate the proper shipping labels. This one is digital and can hold up to several hundred pounds. Poshmark shipments need to be under 5lbs or you pay to upgrade the label.

If you already have these bases covered you can check out my list of 10 Amazon Finds To Level Up Your Reselling Biz!


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