10 Amazon Finds For Petsitters

As a caregiver for pets for the last 8 years I know that some things you should always have on hand in your arsenal. Here’s a quick list of 10 Amazon finds that will benefit you as a pet sitter. Most times the pet owner has these things, but in case I always have my own stash! If you board animals its best to have an arsenal of things too.

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Chuck It Balls
to play fetch! – Every time I go to the dog park with one ball its almost for certain I won’t be coming back home with it. I keep a bag of balls just to make sure my baby always has one at the park.These come in different sizes.

Ball Launcher
Now you can’t get out of playing fetch so you just have to bring the right tools to the park. That means you’ll also need this ball launcher so you don’t have to get Fido’s slobber all over your hands on every pick up. Launch away!!

Treats Tote
You’re going to need something to carry those treats in! This treats tote can be attached to your belt and cinched closed at the top once you’ve added some goodies!

Collapsible Dog Bowls
These came in handy especially in the hot New York summers. I make sure to leave the house with a collapsible bowl and some cold water so my baby is hydrated and cool while we’re out. We don’t do community water okay!

Poop Bags
All I know is – if you’re taking Fido out, you better be cleaning up his mess! Make sure you always have dog waste bags with you so you can do your part in keeping the streets clean. This is an unscented 300 pack that comes with the dispenser.

Unscented Pet Wipes
After bringing Fido in you can use these unscented wipes to make sure their paws, butt and body are free of dirt and debris before they run all over the house again. These are also plant based.

Automatic Cat Laser Toy
This was a game changer for one of my clients! This automatic laser had the cat scurrying around the house chasing this laser for a while. It will definitely be entertainment for the curious energetic kitty!

Roller Pet Hair Remover
If you’re a sitter or an owner – you should have some kind of hair remover. This one is especially great for removing hair from your clothing, furniture, car, and more.

Interactive Cat Treat Puzzle
This interactive cat treat/food puzzle is sure to keep your curious kitty interested and on the hunt! It encourages slower feeding and gives them something to be occupied with.

Cat Feeder Ball
This is another interactive toy that dispenses treats with adjustable openings. This encourages exercise and rewards the cat!

These are a few things you can purchase for your pet sitting endeavors! I’ll be posting more specific lists soon! If you’re interested in becoming a Rover sitter – click here!


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